What do you call the last day of the week? The folks at the Wooden Boat Factory call it Fri-yay!

The Wooden Boat Factory has a tightly packed daily schedule filled with rituals and routines to help keep their teens engaged, to deepen connections among participants and staff (and between participants); as well as to express and manage expectations and create a sense of predictability. Recently, they changed up the Friday schedule and changed the name to Fri-yay! On Fri-yay! Staff lead a mini-workshop where any participants can start, complete and take home a project or product. At one of their recent Fri-yay! sessions, participants made their own cutting board. At the afterschool where I used to work, we called Fridays “Fun Fridays” (I gotta say though, I think I like Fri-yay! better) an

Field Trips are Good for Adults too and Great for Professional Development

I recently sent out a newsletter about why field trips are a good idea for adults and a great tool for professional development. Read more from that newsletter here: Some of my most memorable experiences of school and my time aftershcool are of the field trips I took! Tons of research reports that field trips can make learning more engaging, they can deepen social skills, expose young people to things they may not have known about or thought they had access to, and also provide the opportunity for young people to make real-life connections to what they are learning. Why limit all of these great things to young people? As adults, our learning can also deepen when have the opportunity to mak