• Rebecca Fabiano, MSEd

All you need is love....

I can't help it, February makes me think of love. Though I've never been one to make a big deal out of St. Valentine's Day, with all the red hearts and boxes of candy at every counter, the guys at the stop lights selling roses and all of the restaurants promoting dinner specials, it's kind of hard not to notice the holiday.

This year, I'm thinking about love in a different way. I'm thinking about how necessary love will be in order to survive the next four years. I am fortunate and privileged beyond words that my work allows me to be somewhat selective about the projects I take on and about the people I work with. And I can say without reservation, I love my work and I love the people I work with. I know 'love" is one of the four letter words that people don't often use in the workplace. Some people however, believe that love/loving is the most radical work of all. Now is the time for radical. There's no time to let our funding sources, zip codes, or area of focus us divide us. We must pull the young people we work with close; remind those who are immigrants that they and their families are welcome here; let our black students know that their lives matter; assure our students who are trans, they can use whichever bathroom suits them, and remind those with disabilities we will not let anyone make fun of them. Occasionally, we may need to pull a colleague close too. And while we're on the subject of radical love, let me just say, we must also remember to take time for ourselves so that we can survive and thrive for the long haul. I know that may be hard and may feel uncomfortable to many who make it their business to SHOW UP. It bears repeating: I am grateful to be working on projects with people I love. Scroll through the Projects tab for examples of projects that I am working on, including a networking & professional development conversation and the Fab Youth Philly Business Lab. Signing off with love, Rebecca