• Rebecca Fabiano, MSEd

The Future of the Youth Development Workforce

The Future is Now.

I am particularly excited today for what I am calling "Future Friday" featuring two people who I think are going to take the work of #afterschool and #youthdevelopment to the next level. Certainly there were a lot of talented individuals to choose from, but today, I am featuring Dr. Femi Vance.

Meet Dr. Vance. I love it when the Universe conspires to bring the right people into my life at the right time; Femi is one of them! I met her when I submitted a proposal for a chapter in a book that she and a colleague are editing. Femi hosted the conference call aimed to provide some more information about the process, etc. and it turned out that she and I were the only one on the call, so I got her undivided attention. Thank you Universe! I quickly learned about Femi's passion for youth development, having spent time in after school programs, and her talent as a researcher. She is committed to ensuring equity in the youth development workforce and that is a focus of her current work. You can read her publications:

I am excited to be working on a project with Femi that is exploring the youth development workforce so stay tuned for more on that!