• Rebecca Fabiano, MSEd

So you want to start a nonprofit?

I had the opportunity to present on a panel at West Chester University in April at the invitation of the Youth Empowerment and Urban Studies program. The topic was about starting a non-profit here in Philly.

My opening slide, which read: So you want to start a nonprofit; are you nuts? might have dampened some people's dreams of starting their own organization, but I backed up my question with some suggestions of other things people can do instead of starting a new organization and why starting ANOTHER nonprofit organization may not actually be the best route for what they actually want to do.

If I haven't convinced you, check out this article from Generocity by Lansie Sylvia who shares similar views with me on this topic.

Check out my brief 10 min presentation. If you'd like a copy of my slides, including an updated resource slide, email me and I'm happy to send them.