Teen Business Lab

The Teen Business Lab is designed to be a 6, week 12-seession series of workshops that introduce teens and young adults to entrepreneurship.  First piloted in a community center setting, the course can also be modified to fit into a traditional school setting, too. The TBL can be modified or tailored for any group.


We utilize a myriad of resources, facilitation strategies and bring in local entrepreneurs as a way to develop and deepen 21st Century Skills that help prepare youth for jobs, careers and entrepreneurship.

We place special emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking and work with teens to plan out a 'side hustle' they can develop while still in school. While we'd love it if every participant walks away ready to start their business, our ultimate goal is to introduce young people to a new way of thinking and provide some basic tools so when they are ready, they have what they need to get started.

Contact us if you'd like to bring the Teen Business Lab to a group of young people you work with.